Independence Day

Independence Day!
07/04/2014 12:01 AM

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This Day In History
Aug 19
Aviation Day.

Aug 19 1960
Francis Gary Powers convicted of spying by USSR (U-2 incident.) Powers later dies at the controls of the KNBC-TV helicopter in Los Angeles after running out of fuel returning from a fire.

Aug 19 1888
The first beauty contest is held, in Spa, Belgium. The winner is an 18 year old girl from the West Indies.

Aug 19 1826
Canada Co. chartered to colonize Upper Canada (Ontario.)

Aug 19 1965
Kyra Sedgwick, actress.

Aug 19 1946
Bill Clinton, president from (1992-1996).

Aug 19 1940
Jill St. John

Aug 19 1931
Willie Shoemaker

Aug 19 1871
Orville Wright, famed brother and aviator.

Aug 19 1785
Seth Thomas, pioneer in mass production of clocks.

Aug 19 1646
John Flamsteed, first astronomer royal of England.